Are you thinking about selling your home?

So you are thinking about selling your home?

The housing market has remained solid and it’s still a great time to sell your home. Before you sell, look into our pre-inspection. This is a great way to get ahead of the curve and make potential upgrades or remedies that could cost you major bucks later. Our certified inspector will go through your home and give you the current condition of your home and a game plan of what needs to be fixed.

I know what you’re thinking, will this work? Let me give you an example of a home we pre-inspected in Obetz, OH. We got a call for a pre-inspection from our client. The home was in pretty good shape but we had some work to do. We listed the things they could fix and gave them a to-do list, also a list of what a contractor should fix, and what needed maintenance around the house. They only had a week before their open house! They did what we recommended and landed an offer of 10K over asking price. The buyer did a home inspection and was pleasantly surprised when the other home inspector complemented their house and had no recommendations. They were good to go. They proceeded with closing and kept the extra cash!

I suppose not every pre-inspection will go this easy but can you see the value? What if they had not fixed everything themselves and didn’t know what really needed to be done? They would have been paying certified specialists to do all the work taking more time and money. We have seen where a big home inspection with too many defects actually scares the buyer away. Schedule your pre-inspection today and get your house market ready today. The peace of mind that it provides is priceless.