Do This Before Selling Your Home

It doesn’t have to take months or tons of money to fix up your house. Common repairs are easy to fix, inexpensive and can be done on a long weekend. Most repairs are probably already on your list of things to do. If any of these projects bother you trust me, they will bother the buyer too. Leaking faucets, cracks in the plaster and ceiling, or ripped window screens may seem like small trivial irritants, but all these small problems combined may drive buyers away.

Every house has some defects, and some are hidden. Almost every buyer invests in home inspectors in Ohio to make sure everything that can be found will be found. Some sellers who are trying to make the most money for their home often try quick fixes that make a home look good, but don’t fool smart buyers or home inspection companies. There are repairs you can make that won’t break your budget but will get buyers enthusiastic about buying your home and making it your own.

There are very few home repairs that return 100% of your home value, and most of these are expensive. You can, however, do all these repairs or some of these following repairs before getting a home inspection. Repairs are worth making to get your home in peak shape.

The Kitchen

Kitchens are the “heart of your home,” and kitchens sell homes quicker. Buyers want very large and open spacious kitchens with brand new appliances, but when looking at occupied homes, this is not always possible.  You don’t need to do a complete kitchen remodel unless it is absolutely necessary or in your budget.

Start by decluttering all cabinets and countertops. Buyers will most likely open the cabinets and look inside. Don’t turn off a buyer by having unorganized and dirty cabinet interiors. Small repairs will make your kitchen way more inviting. You won’t believe how much changing the lighting, painting, and countertops will bring your kitchen more up to date. Granite or quartz counters are not necessary but a huge plus if you can afford it, instead new laminates, facets and sparkling sinks will sell too!

Big tip: the price of countertop surfaces have been going down recently so you might want to get an estimate for granite countertops. A granite or quartz countertop will give your kitchen special appeal especially when your kitchen counter space seems very limited. Home inspectors and buyers always look at cabinets under the sink. If you see evidence of leaks get them fixed right immediately. You don’t need to replace all the plumbing, but shining new pipes and cleaning under the sink goes a long way to improve the look of your kitchen. Check out all your appliances and make sure they are in good working order. You may need to replace your dishwasher or range if they look old, ugly, or are not in good working condition.


To update your bathrooms, make repairs on a leaky faucet or running toilets. Replace loose toilet seats, spruce up around the toilet area and clean up or replace grout. If you have missing or broken tiles, get them repaired and if your bathroom is dingy or wallpapered, new paint will bring your bathroom back to life! Change the lighting fixtures and the mirrors above vanities for an amazing new look.

These are inexpensive fixes but will make your bathroom look warm and inviting. Before you show your home, hang new towels in the bathroom and purchase new throw rugs for a great first impression. Make sure the shower curtain is clean and fresh without any stains. If you have glass shower doors, take the time to remove water spots and apply rain-ex to keep them looking new. A sparkling bathroom will impress buyers and have them drooling over the bathrooms. The most critical areas in a home are the kitchen and the bathrooms.

Buyers will walk through living rooms and bedrooms casually, but they will scrutinize the kitchen and bathroom with a fine-tooth comb. Kitchens and bathroom are the most expensive areas to upgrade, but you do need to make sure there are no issues in these rooms before you put your home up for sale so you catch any surprises before the home inspection and closing process.

Outside the house

The first thing buyers see is the outside of your house from their car. Curb appeal is everything to get a potential buyer to look inside the house. If your home looks worn down and unkempt, a potential buyer will drive right by without stopping. Adding sod will dramatically change your curb appeal. Fix and paint your fences. Remove any junk that has accumulated in your yard. Get a crew together and pull all the weeds. Planting fresh flowers in flower beds is cheap but pays off huge. Flowers give a home an inviting look. Mow the lawn and do general exterior maintenance as needed. Contact a lawn maintenance company if it feels overwhelming.

Inspect your garage door.

Make sure the garage door is well oiled and running smoothly. A squeaky garage door might be off-putting to a potential buyer thinking it’s a big issue or expensive fix.

Check your appliances to ensure they are in good working order and clean.
A potential buyer may not turn your range on and off, but your home inspector will. You don’t need to replace any appliances or the garage door, everything doesn’t have to be brand new, but make it look great. A broken lock or a sticky door could turn away buyers and drive the selling price down.


Damaged flooring can cause a buyer to think twice before buying your house. Damaged flooring includes scratched hardwoods, rippled carpeting, stains and missing tiles. Invest in flooring repair or replacement before you list your home on the market. If you have hardwood floors, refinishing them will make your house sparkle. Carpet is expensive to replace, but you do need to make sure carpets are clean and tight (we always recommend a steam clean). Repair your tiles where they are cracked or broken. Realtors often report that any investment you make in flooring can be recouped with the sale price of your home!


Nothing says “freshness” like new paint. Paint is the greatest cost-effective improvement you can make easily. Use lighter and more neutral colors when choosing a color. These colors appeal to most buyers, and simple is always better (no neon colors lol). Wallpaper tends to date a home, and clean walls make fantastic first impressions. If you have rooms that look good already, make sure to wash the walls and touch up any areas that need attention.

Contact Lancaster Property Inspections and we will send you a checklist of what needs to be repaired before you put your home on the market. An idea of what changes need to be made can go a long way in getting the price you want in Ohio. If you are purchasing a home, count on us to check all of the above items during the home inspection.