First Time Home Buyers

At Lancaster Property Inspections we know buying a home for the first time can be overwhelming and even stressful. We want to help you through the home inspection process. Our goal is to not only identify problems and give you the current status of your home, it’s to educate on how your home works and functions. Sometimes you just need someone to hold your hand and walk you through home ownership.

We want you feel comfortable enough to ask our home inspection company any questions. You may not know when to change your air filters, what to do if you smell gas or rotten egg smell. Can you imagine if you came home to a water leak under your sink? What would be the first thing you do? Don’t call a plumber - go and shut your water off at the main line. If you are not sure where it’s at, no worries - we will show you in the walk through.

If you need someone to take a little extra time and not mind educating and answering questions than you came to the right place. Let our team at Lancaster Property Inspections help you today. You can call or book your home inspection online and we will get you all set up as quick as possible. Our easy-to-read report with pictures of the defect will tell you what we observe, who to contact about the issue and even the age of appliances. Let’s get you started today on your road to home ownership. Congratulations on being a first time home buyer.