Is Your Home Built on a Solid Foundation?

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Your foundation supports the weight of your entire home. If it starts to crack, shift or sag, you'll have major issues spanning from warped floors to bowed window frames. Lancaster Property Inspections provides skilled foundation inspection services to give you complete peace of mind.

Our home inspection company serves clients in Pickerington, Canal Winchester and Lancaster, OH. We'll take a close look at your foundation to provide a thorough and detailed report.

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Common signs of a damaged foundation

While you can't get a good look at your foundation without professional help, the effects of a damaged foundation can be seen throughout the home. Some of these costly issues may include:

  • Sagging flooring, walls, doors and window frames
  • Mold and moisture damage throughout the home
  • Cabinets and counters separating from walls
  • Large cracks forming in the foundation
Knowing exactly what type of foundation damage you're dealing with will help you make an informed decision as a homebuyer. Contact our trusted home inspection company today to learn more about our services.