Home Maintenance - Pre-Listing Inspection

As a home inspector in Lancaster and the surrounding areas, we find a lot of the same thing - neglected home maintenance. Of course, you will find your big-ticket items here and there, but many of these deficiencies we find are simple and easy to fix. We generally find an ungrounded outlet, reverse polarity, on no GFCI outlet on every home. When we inspect a home we generally find water draining near the house because of a missing gutter extension. It seems every other home has some kind of neglected roof maintenance such as exposed nail heads or years of old caulking. While inspecting in Lancaster, Pickerington, and Logan, OH, we noticed homes with small areas of failing paint. Calling in a professional to clean and service an HVAC system can be another cost-effective way to easily knock your to-do list before you call us for home inspection services.


These items are all very simple and inexpensive to fix. If you have a little bit of extra money, these things will not only protect someone’s future home - it will make you equity in the long run. Imagine getting a home inspection report with just a few items on it. If you leave some of these items unattended it can cost you big time. Let’s take the downspout extension on the gutter system for example. If we add a $5.00 extension we can minimize the risk of water intrusion into the foundation of the home. I have seen this cost $100s and $1000s of dollars. At Lancaster Property Inspections we suggest putting in a little money to make you huge returns. You can call us for a pre-listing inspection and get your to-do list done today!