Realtors Must Read!

As a home inspector I know realtors face many challenges choosing who makes their home inspector list. Most realtors don’t think home inspectors want to blow up their deal. If you think about it, nobody wants a buyer to get a bad house. This only costs reputations, future clients, money, and heartache for everyone involved. Realtors really want their clients taken care of by a home inspector. That’s where we come in.


Realtors need someone they can trust to relay the information in a non-bias way. They need someone who is not attached to the property emotionally to assess and report what they find. Buyers and realtors need someone to relay that no home is perfect and here is what you’re dealing with when it comes to this property. That’s why we love to educate the client and give realistic expectations of a home. Once that is done in a timely manner the realtor and buyer can go over the report and decide what to ask the homeowners to do after you get the report. They can accept the home as-is, request to remedy certain items or walk away from the home and keep looking for something that fits their need.


We do things in a timely manner - no one wants to wait 5 days for an inspection. All you have to do is put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Waiting that long or even longer adds stress to the real estate transaction. We try to get to every inspection within 48 hours. This allows everything to keep running smoothly and gives the realtor and buyer more time to discuss and resolve issues. We even do on-site reporting! We go over the findings in person at the home so you can see what’s on the report before you even get it. We always educate our clients about homeownership and routine maintenance.


Local realtors love the calming personalities, coupled with the experience and knowledge of our inspectors. We correspond with the realtors and buyers every step of the way. We will call, text, email, or be there in person to help you when needed. We had to go to a property just the other day to confirm GFCI outlets were ok and write a letter to the bank stating what an appraiser confused. We not only went on the same day but spoke with everyone along the way so they understood what was happening and why the appraiser was confused. We clearly wrote the letter, took videos, and doubled checked everything for the VA loan. That is going the extra mile so the real estate transaction doesn’t get held up. We want realtors to know we are a premier company that wants you to succeed. If a home inspector and realtor work together the ultimate satisfaction are happy buyers who recommend us both to friends and family.