This water heater is showing signs of failing. It may be functional now but you may have to repair or replace it soon. It's better to put in your budget now than have a surprise purchase.

This water heater looks nice and new. We notice the TPR valve extension is missing. If the temp and pressure exceed what the water heater can handle it going to start shooting out the side right at you! It's a small fix but definitely worth it. If the water heater can't handle it I'm sure you can't either.

This is one way we go a step further at Lancaster Property Inspections. We take the temperature of the water to make sure it above 120 degrees to kill microbial things in the water but also not scalding hot. Imagine leaving a little one in the bath while you get a towel and the water increase to over a 160 degrees very quickly. Just another way we think of safety.

When the ac unit is not level it can cause unnatural wear and tear on the unit.

Here we discovered the vapor barrier had been compromised. Would your inspector have crawled through a small crawl space door and army crawl 150' to find this?

We will recommend fixing this vapor barrier because standing water will always lead to bigger issues down the road.

The water in this crawl space has lead to the jack stand rusting. One problem can always lead to another.

This crack is the result of foundation and soil movement.

$10 worth of caulking on the roof has now lead to water intrusion and staining. You're spending more than $10 now.

Failing paint can lead to water intrusion in a basement. It can also lead other things growing on the walls. We need to clean, seal, and we can't express how much a dehumidifier will help your basement stay dry.

The stairs are not the only things with steps. Notice the stair step cracks? We found three different stair step cracks which generally mean the soil has moved and the house has settled.

That's not vine, notice the crack now?

Cleaning gutters are no fun. We include simple do it yourself links in our reports to help you not only understand but fix some routine maintenance things on your own. Left unattended, this will eventually cause water to go back under the roof and cause issues. We need to take care of the little things as home owners.

Hmmmmm, the corner should be all lined up right? We definitely have something going on with the home.

Yes, we even test your appliances!

Oh, you didn't know there are several fireplaces in your home? It's from the early 1900's when a fireplace was the only way to heat your home. This one has drywall all around it and capped on the roof. They had no idea there was a decaying chimney leaning in the attic.

Some cracks are normal as a home settles. This is not one of them.

Gross, dead bird right? Well it's important to remove the bird but how did he get in here in the first place?

Double taps on the neutral buss bar... yeah that's not good. This can be fixed by a simple service call from a certified electrician.

This is why you never want your toilet to rock or move when you sit on it. This $5 seal is going to cost a lot more now.

This roof definitely shows signs of age but those are literally holes! We need attention in this area for sure.

Keeping water away from your home is very important. We need to get all gutters extended at least 6 feet away from the foundation and fix standing water issues. Extending the drain pipe into the ditch and digging a little better ditch should do the trick here. A quick simple fix can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.