The Kitchen Spotlight

Here at Lancaster Property Inspections, we provide whole-house inspections. Today, I wanted to give everyone a glimpse of what goes into inspecting the kitchen. The first thing we do is check all the GFCI outlets. A GFCI outlet contains a sensor that monitors the flow of the electrical current. When it senses a ground fault or variation in the current, an internal switch shuts off the flow of electricity in that particular outlet. We will trip the outlet when we test it. We want to make sure it works and resets properly.

During your home inspection, we will check the kitchen window and make sure there are no cracks, make sure the casing, sash, sills, jams, and locks work. It will be important to note if there is any glazing in the windows or fog. We then check the countertops to make sure they are not loose, we will open and close every cabinet door. We quickly check to see if there is a vent in the kitchen. I will check all the appliances and even detail what they are in the report with pictures. (Never know when you want to look at your appliances again as you design your future kitchen or upgrade things.)

The next step in the home inspection process involves opening the sink cabinet and turn on the water. We are looking for current or past leaks. While the water is running, I take a moment to look at the drain line for the dishwasher. I want to make sure it is a high loop and not a low loop. If it’s a low loop you can get a stinky smell and have the potential from some water left in the dishwasher causing odors and staining. I then turn the water to hot and take the temperature of the water. We always like the water to reach above 120 degrees to kill microbials but water at 150 degrees can cause third-degree burns in just seconds. Make sure you adjust the water heater just right.

Once, we have finished with the water we will report on the connections and drains. It is common to find an s-trap vs a p-trap or someone’s handiwork of inappropriate connections. We gave you a little glimpse of what we do in the kitchen, but of course, every home is different. Next week we can give you a glimpse of a basement or crawl space and what that entails! If you have any questions about our home inspection services, please give us a call at 614-625-7303.