What are the major differences between newer and older homes?

We have seen customers buy brand new homes and homes built in 1900. Homes are unique and no two are alike. We have inspected apartment buildings that had major differences in each unit. When it comes to a new home you are getting a couple of things for sure! You will have new appliances, a new roof, new plumbing, new HVAC and AC units. Things will be in good shape but it doesn’t mean a contractor didn’t cut corners. When it comes to installing those systems in a home, you may find something wrong with the installation or a manufacturer defect.


When you are buying an older home there are definitely things to consider. Here are some of the pros: charm, historical significance, mature landscaping and established neighborhoods. It seems in some homes things were built better and will stand the test of time. While the existing home can be amazing it also could have a list of cons. We see failing paint, wood rot, deterioration, older appliances, and worn roofs.


Homes can be beautiful at any stage or age. When you and your realtor see a couple of homes you will figure out where you and your family will fit. You will soon realize what you want and don’t want in a home. When you find that home we will do a home inspection, water test, termite inspection, or radon test and let you know the condition of that home. We will also do a 30-minute walk-through with you and talk about home maintenance and how this particular home functions. We will be here for your home inspection no matter what home you choose to answer all your questions!